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    Raja Mandala: India and the Korean Dream

    New Delhi and Seoul should focus on building flexible middle power coalitions in Asia to limit the impact of the current volatility in the relations between the United States and China.

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    Emergency, From the Outside

    There are many lessons to be drawn from the darker days of India’s political history. The one that ought to be demystified is the view that the suspension or promotion of democracy necessarily stuns or shocks international leaders to the extent that those in India might expect them to.

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    Raja Mandala: Trump, Putin, and Future of the West

    The promise and peril of the Helsinki summit comes from the fact that the U.S. president is ready to discard the conventional wisdom—not just on Russia, but on America’s role in Eurasia and its relations with its allies.

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    A New Pact With Delhi

    In order to sustain the present momentum in EU-India ties, both sides will have to make an extra effort to convert converging interests into concrete cooperation.

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    Little Sparta of the Gulf

    While New Delhi has begun to build on the synergies with the United Arab Emirates on counter-terrorism and long-term strategic economic cooperation, it has barely scratched the surface of what is possible in the domain of defense.

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    Raja Mandala: Falling Behind on Digital Silk Road

    India’s continuing political challenges with China’s Belt and Road Initiative have been matched by New Delhi’s enduring difficulties in advancing its own connectivity initiatives.

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    Raja Mandala: When Guns Fall Silent

    While the hopes for a durable peace might be premature, the conflicts in Kashmir and Afghanistan might be entering a new phase in their long and depressing history.

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    Reading the Singapore Summit Statement: Three Principles and One Political Gesture

    In the course of one morning in Singapore, U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have begun to loosen a deeply entrenched and hostile relationship.

    • Great Game in the Indian Ocean

      Both the European Union and its member states have talked about the importance of multilateralism and a rules-based order in their foreign policy approaches. It is time to implement this in the Indian Ocean.

      • Op-Ed

      From Indo-Pacific to Eurasia

      With New Delhi must looking for stronger ties with both the maritime and continental powers does not mean the nature and scope of these possibilities is symmetric.

    Carnegie Experts on
    Foreign Policy

    • expert thumbnail - Baruah
      Darshana M. Baruah
      Nonresident Scholar
      South Asia Program
      Darshana M. Baruah is a nonresident scholar with the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her primary research focuses on maritime security in Asia and the role of the Indian Navy in a new security architecture.
    • expert thumbnail - Chaudhuri
      Rudra Chaudhuri
      Carnegie India
      Rudra Chaudhuri is the director of Carnegie India. His primary research interests include the diplomatic history of South Asia and contemporary security issues.
    • expert thumbnail - Raghavan
      Srinath Raghavan
      Senior Fellow
      Carnegie India
      Srinath Raghavan is a senior fellow at Carnegie India. His primary research focus is on the contemporary and historical aspects of India’s foreign and security policies.

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