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    Raja Mandala: Alliances and Strategic Autonomy

    New Delhi’s traditional fear of alliances is based on a profound misreading of what they might mean. Alliances are not a “permanent wedlock” or some kind of a “bondage.” They are a political or military arrangement to cope with a common threat.

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    Raja Mandala: The Centre Moves East

    The economic advancement of Bangladesh helps lift up the whole of the eastern Subcontinent, including India’s Northeast as well as Bhutan and Nepal.

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    Modi Government Needs to Understand U.S. Won’t Uphold its Interests in Afghanistan

    Instead of reacting with injured innocence, New Delhi should undertake a clear-eyed appraisal of the situation in Afghanistan as well as its own approach.

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    Raja Mandala: Integrating the Island

    Today as a rising China projects its economic and military power into the Indian Ocean, any strategy for regional balance would necessarily involve the economic and military development of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    • Engaging Trump’s America

      Even if the Trump administration cuts some slack to India, the larger problems posed by his approach to global politics will inevitably impinge on ties with India.

      • Returning to the Andaman Sea

        The once tranquil Andaman Sea has begun to acquire a new strategic vitality. After prolonged neglect, India is taking steps to protect its natural primacy in the Andaman Sea on the economic and security fronts.

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        Raja Mandala: Time for Techplomacy

        As a far more sweeping technological revolution envelops the world today, governments are finding new ways to adapt.

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        Raja Mandala: Rethinking the Gulf

        New Delhi is paying too little attention to the growing weight of the Gulf in regional affairs and the strategic possibilities that it opens up for India.

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        Diplomacy and Faith

        This volatile history of India-Pakistan engagement over the last decade makes the agreement on opening the Kartarpur corridor quite significant.

        • Testimony

        Global Britain and India

        • Rudra Chaudhuri
        • November 27, 2018
        • UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

        As the United Kingdom seeks to bolster its trade with Australia, China, Japan, and India, the importance of sea lines of communications across the Indian ocean will grow and this will increase the strategic logic for the U.K. to have a naval presence in the region.

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      Foreign Policy

      • expert thumbnail - Chaudhuri
        Rudra Chaudhuri
        Carnegie India
        Rudra Chaudhuri is the director of Carnegie India. His primary research interests include the diplomatic history of South Asia and contemporary security issues.
      • expert thumbnail - Mohan
        C. Raja Mohan
        Nonresident Senior Fellow
        Carnegie India
        A leading analyst of India’s foreign policy, Mohan is also an expert on South Asian security, great-power relations in Asia, and arms control.
      • expert thumbnail - Mohan
        Garima Mohan
        Nonresident Fellow
        Carnegie India
        Garima Mohan is a nonresident fellow at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on the foreign and security policies of rising powers, particularly that of India, and on Europe-India relations.
      • expert thumbnail - Raghavan
        Srinath Raghavan
        Senior Fellow
        Carnegie India
        Srinath Raghavan is a senior fellow at Carnegie India. His primary research focus is on the contemporary and historical aspects of India’s foreign and security policies.

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