• Rajesh Bansal

    Senior Adviser
    Carnegie India

    Rajesh Bansal is a senior adviser at Carnegie India. His research focuses on financial technologies, particularly electronic payment systems, electronic cash transfers, and digital financial services to enable inclusive development. He leads the center’s technology and society program.

  • Anirudh Burman

    Associate Fellow
    Carnegie India

    Anirudh Burman is an associate fellow at Carnegie India. He works on key issues relating to public institutions, public administration, the administrative and regulatory state, and state capacity.

  • Rudra Chaudhuri

    Carnegie India

    Rudra Chaudhuri is the director of Carnegie India. His primary research interests include the diplomatic history of South Asia and contemporary security issues.

  • Vijay Gokhale

    Nonresident Senior Fellow
    Carnegie India

    Mr. Vijay Gokhale is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie India and the former foreign secretary of India.

  • Arjun Kang Joseph

    Research Analyst and Strategic Development Coordinator
    Carnegie India

    Arjun Kang Joseph is a research analyst with the Technology and Society Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace India. He works primarily on data, privacy and the intersection of health and technology.

  • Vidushi Marda

    Nonresident Research Analyst
    Carnegie India

    Vidushi Marda is a nonresident research analyst at Carnegie India. She is a legal researcher who focuses on the interplay between emerging technologies, policy, and society.

  • Shibani Mehta

    Research Analyst
    Security Studies Program
    Carnegie India

    Shibani Mehta is a research analyst with the Security Studies Program at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on India’s security and foreign policies.

  • R.K. Misra

    Nonresident Scholar
    Carnegie India

    R.K. Misra is a nonresident scholar at Carnegie India. Based in Bengaluru, he drives Carnegie India’s Technology and Society program, and engages with technology innovators and policymakers.

  • Tarunima Prabhakar

    Nonresident Scholar
    Carnegie India

    Tarunima Prabhakar is a researcher working at the intersection of technology, policy, and global development.

  • Srinath Raghavan

    Senior Fellow
    Carnegie India

    Srinath Raghavan is a senior fellow at Carnegie India. His primary research focus is on the contemporary and historical aspects of India’s foreign and security policies.

  • Suyash Rai

    Carnegie India

    Suyash Rai is a fellow at Carnegie India. His research focuses on the political economy of economic reforms, and the performance of public institutions in India.

  • Anu Singh

    Deputy Director
    Carnegie India

    Anu Singh is deputy director of Carnegie India. She has a wide range of experience in the area of education.

  • Shivangi Tyagi

    Research analyst
    Political Economy Program
    Carnegie India

    Shivangi Tyagi is a research analyst with the Political Economy Program at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on regulatory governance and the functioning of public institutions.

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