• Commentary

    China’s Central Bank Unveils Digital Currency, in Challenge to U.S. Dollar

    As an early adopter of new payment networks, China could set standards for a transformative change in the global financial system.

    • Article

    The BRI in Post-Coronavirus South Asia

    • Deep Pal, Rahul Bhatia
    • May 26, 2020

    After the coronavirus pandemic wanes, how will China’s reorientation of the Belt and Road Initiative to address global health concerns influence its relationships with South Asian countries?

    • Event

    New Balance of Power in the Asia Pacific

    The balance of power in the Asia Pacific is undeniably shifting as a result of the growing power and influence of China, the rise of other middle powers, and the prospect of Western retrenchment.

    • Op-Ed

    Realizing the Potential of Island Territories: A Perspective from Delhi

    As countries in the Indo-Pacific continue to deepen maritime collaborations between friends, partners, and allies, the island territories in the region are well-positioned to offer tremendous support and strategic leverage to India and its partners.

    • Reintegrating Central Asia

      • Rhea Menon, Sharanya Rajiv
      • December 01, 2019
      • Seminar

      With contributors from various Central Asian nations and beyond, this issue of Seminar provides a selection of perspectives about the past, present, and future trajectory of Central Asia, and the growing role of external actors, particularly India, China, Russia, and the EU in this evolving and dynamic space.

      • Reintegrating Central Asia: The Problem

        • Rhea Menon, Sharanya Rajiv
        • December 01, 2019
        • Seminar

        The rise of China as an economic powerhouse in Asia, along with rapid globalization, has brought Central Asia back in the limelight as a bridge connecting the established markets of the West with the emerging markets of the East.

        • Realizing India’s Strategic Interests in Central Asia

          • Rhea Menon, Sharanya Rajiv
          • December 01, 2019
          • Seminar

          As India looks beyond its borders, Central Asia provides India with the right platform to leverage its political, economic, and cultural connections to play a leading role in Eurasia.

          • Q&A

          What Will Xi and Modi Really Talk About?

          On October 11, 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold their second informal summit in Mamallapuram in southern India. The conversation may follow from the two leaders’ earlier meeting in April 2018 in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

          • Event

          Ally or Adversary? Responding to China’s Rise

          China’s expanding global influence has sparked a variety of international responses.

          • Introduction to Europe in the Indo-Pacific: Moving from Periphery to the Centre?

            Europe’s huge stakes in the economic stability of Asia, the sea lines of communication connecting Europe and Asia through the Indo-Pacific, and threat of U.S. retrenchment may force Europe to reconsider its role in Asia. Asia needs a robust European contribution to connectivity and security.

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