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    ‘Decoupling’ and its Effects

    Geopolitical relationships between countries have begun to impact their technological relations as well. This session assessed the potential economic and geopolitical ramifications of such maneuverings as well as their impact on the technology sector in India.

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    Vaccine Research: The Road Ahead

    Vaccine development is a long and complex process that often takes many years of work by both public and private researchers. This workshop assessed the changes in the vaccine development process as well as the challenges of proper deployment.

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    Future of Personal and Non personal Data

    As work continues on India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, the Indian government has taken steps to attempt to regulate the use of Non-Personal Data. This workshop covered the basic features of the proposed regulations and the implications of the regulation of this space.

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    Future of Open-source Architectures

    In recent years, free and open-source software and hardware have gathered increasing interest, both from the business and academic community. This session explored the architecture behind open-source development, open-source business models, and potential regulations.

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    Fintech and Cybersecurity: Opportunities and Challenges

    As the Fintech sector grows so does the need for up-to-date cybersecurity. This workshop explored the various cybersecurity challenges the sector faces while also assessing potential opportunities to address them.

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    Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion

    India has made several efforts at improving access to finance and laying out the rails for the digital payment ecosystem. While this has smoothened financial flows for low-income clients, challenges of trust, interoperability, suitable credit products, gender imbalance and pricing remain.

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