• Op-Ed

    Delhi, Tokyo, Canberra

    New coalitions like India, Japan and Australia will still lack sufficient weight to balance China on their own. But in developing an agency of its own and taking a larger share of the burden of Asian security, the India-Japan-Australia coalition will send strong messages to both China and the United States.

    • Article

    Toward Strategic Economic Cooperation Between India and Japan

    India and Japan are using economic cooperation to advance their strategic interests and counterbalance Chinese influence in their neighborhood.

    • Op-Ed

    India and Japan Come Together Again

    Going beyond bilateral commitments, India and Japan are now eager to collaborate on areas of common interest at the regional level.

    • Interview

    A Positive Review for Indo-Japanese Ties

    There could be a lot of support in South Asia and in the Middle East for a more constructive, more positive Japanese role.

    • Op-Ed

    Japan’s Marines

    Facing China’s growing military power and Beijing’s increasingly assertive regional policy, Japan may have no option but to make marines a critical element of its new defense strategy.

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