• Reintegrating Central Asia

      • Rhea Menon, Sharanya Rajiv
      • December 01, 2019
      • Seminar

      With contributors from various Central Asian nations and beyond, this issue of Seminar provides a selection of perspectives about the past, present, and future trajectory of Central Asia, and the growing role of external actors, particularly India, China, Russia, and the EU in this evolving and dynamic space.

      • Introduction to Europe in the Indo-Pacific: Moving from Periphery to the Centre?

        Europe’s huge stakes in the economic stability of Asia, the sea lines of communication connecting Europe and Asia through the Indo-Pacific, and threat of U.S. retrenchment may force Europe to reconsider its role in Asia. Asia needs a robust European contribution to connectivity and security.

        • Article

        Will a GDPR-Style Data Protection Law Work For India?

        Emerging economies like India that are considering data protection regulations need to carefully evaluate the direct and indirect costs of such laws.

        • Op-Ed

        Coming Full Circle

        Ending India’s amnesia about the two World Wars must now be followed by a more purposeful engagement with Europe in reordering the security architecture of Eurasia and the Indo-Pacific.

        • Op-Ed

        Raja Mandala: Two Discourses on Strategic Autonomy

        India and Europe have good reasons to strengthen their security partnership—as a hedge against the rise of new regional hegemons and U.S. retrenchment in Eurasia.

        • Bridging the Gap Between India and the Baltics

          • Sharanya Rajiv
          • September 12, 2018
          • Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

          India and the Baltic states must establish closer dialogue on strategic issues and deepen their relationship across the political, cultural, and economic levels.

          • Op-Ed

          Raja Mandala: Reconnecting With Europe

          When all is said and done about Indian Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic record, his outreach to Europe is likely to emerge as a major contribution to India’s foreign policy.

          • Op-Ed

          ‘Rediscovery’ of Europe: New Avenues for the Europe-India Partnership

          With an assertive China and uncertainty of U.S. policy under the Trump administration, Europe and India have realized they have much to offer each other.

          • Op-Ed

          A New Pact With Delhi

          In order to sustain the present momentum in EU-India ties, both sides will have to make an extra effort to convert converging interests into concrete cooperation.

          • Great Game in the Indian Ocean

            Both the European Union and its member states have talked about the importance of multilateralism and a rules-based order in their foreign policy approaches. It is time to implement this in the Indian Ocean.

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