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  • Commentary

    Shia Slaughter

    Pakistan is promising to crack down on terrorist groups that target the Shia community in Balochistan, but a healthy skepticism may be in order.

  • Commentary

    Staying with Kabul

    Instead of wringing its hands over the Western withdrawal from Afghanistan, India should do what it can to advance its interests after 2014.

  • Commentary

    The Next Tango with Paris

    With their shared strategic interests and increasing defense ties, France and India are poised to become close partners in the security of the Indian Ocean region.

  • Commentary

    Beijing's Nukes

    This is a good moment for India to actively intervene in the global nuclear debate, articulate its priorities, and seek to promote a nuclear consensus among the major powers.

  • Commentary

    Talk Time

    Washington and London seem desperate for talks with the Taliban and any deal that would let them declare victory and get out of Afghanistan.

  • Commentary

    China's Rise, America's Pivot, and India's Asian Ambiguity

    China’s rise, and America’s response to it, have laid before India its greatest geopolitical opportunity and the biggest diplomatic challenge since independence.

  • Commentary

    Bhutan Rebalance

    Domestic changes in Bhutan mean that India can no longer treat its northeastern neighbor as anything but a mature participant in the region's future.

  • Commentary

    Obama, the Realist

    President Obama's second term will likely see America being more selective about where it becomes involved abroad.

  • Commentary

    Pivot to America

    President Obama's sweeping vision for his second term might include scaling back America's traditionally active role in the world.

  • Commentary

    A Call to Leadership

    To help defuse the latest round of tensions along the northern border of India and Pakistan, India's government needs to get ahead of inflammatory reactions to the crisis.

  • Commentary

    Karzai in DC

    As Presidents Obama and Karzai meet to discuss the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, they will face major disagreements both between and within their two countries.

  • Commentary

    Doubting Delhi

    In the face of mounting international skepticism, India must take real steps to pursue strategic partnerships with the United States and other nations.

  • Commentary

    Connecting Asia: India Talks, China Builds

    India and China have pursued contrasting policies in reaching out to their Southeast Asian neighbors, and China appears to be gaining the upper hand.

  • Commentary

    Shinzo's ARC

    With Japan's new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, eager to ensure a stable balance of power in Asia, there could be room for a closer Indo-Japanese partnership in 2013.

  • Commentary

    United States on Arunachal

    The U.S. position on whether India or China has sovereignty over the territory of Arunachal Pradesh will be increasingly important as the rivalry between those two emerging powers grows.

  • Commentary

    The Dragon in the Room

    India's relations with Southeast Asia are booming, but Beijing's increased presence in the region looms large in New Delhi's thinking.

  • Commentary

    A Pivotal Moment

    As President Obama begins his second term, it's up to New Delhi to take the already strong U.S.-Indian partnership to the next level.

  • Commentary

    The New Triangular Diplomacy: India, China and America at Sea

    As in the Cold War, so in the current power play between the United States and China; the rest of Asia will simply not submit itself to the discipline of a bipolar framework. Asia will actively shape and be shaped by the emerging strategic dynamic between Washington and Beijing.

  • Research

    Samudra Manthan: Sino-Indian Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific

    Despite the huge differences in the current naval capabilities of China, India, and the United States, the three countries are locked in a triangular struggle destined to mold the future Indo-Pacific.

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