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  • Commentary

    The Great Game Folio

    Infrastructure development along India’s borders with China and Pakistan can be cooperative, not competitive.

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    Make a Bold Move

    If Prime Ministers Sharif and Singh want to make real headway, they’ll have to take ownership of the reconciliation process.

  • Commentary

    Pakistan’s Taliban Proxy and Afghan Power Sharing

    Pakistan’s leverage over the Taliban is driving negotiations over Afghanistan’s future.

  • Commentary

    ASEAN Theater

    ASEAN’s annual summit has grown from a regional gathering to talk shop into a forum for great power politics.

  • Commentary

    U.S. and Taliban

    India is treading lightly as the Taliban, the Afghan government, and the United States inch towards negotiations.

  • Commentary

    When Singh Meets Kerry

    Manmohan Singh and John Kerry can’t let political obstacles get in the way of their countries’ strategic partnership.

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    Snowden Effect

    The NSA’s newly-revealed espionage programs should prompt India to think about its own approach to cybersecurity.

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    Political Iran

    Iran's elections may present a window of opportunity for the United States and the West.

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    The G-2 Dilemma

    President Obama’s informal summit with Chinese president Xi should remind New Delhi of the need for deep diplomacy with both powers.

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    Missing Shangri-La

    Bureaucratic and political holdups in India’s defense ministry have undermined New Delhi’s ties with its neighbors.

  • Commentary

    Singh and Friends

    Manmohan Singh showed backbone in recommitting to India’s relationship with Japan. It’s time for him to do the same with Bangladesh and Pakistan.

  • Commentary

    Thai Transit

    Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to Thailand underlined the importance of that country to India’s "Look East" policy of regional connectivity.

  • Commentary

    Chinese Takeaway: Li in Pakistan

    China is unlikely to stop using Pakistan to balance India anytime soon.

  • Commentary

    With China, Keep it Real

    Delhi must discard its current diplomatic style towards China, which involves avoiding difficult issues, and discuss the serious differences between the two nations.

  • Commentary

    On Punjabiyat

    The shortest road between Islamabad and New Delhi runs through the divided Punjab.

  • Commentary

    An Army of Wa

    China’s relationship with Myanmar is developing alongside the latter’s domestic political evolution.

  • Commentary

    Three to Tango

    Nepal's overtures to China and India signal its progress toward geopolitical maturity.

  • Commentary

    Khamenei Versus Ahmadinejad

    While India’s attention is focused on the general elections in Pakistan this month, the unfolding contest for the next president of Iran amidst deep divisions with the country’s political elite should be of interest to Delhi.

  • Commentary

    Prague as the Nonproliferation Pivot

    The United States should focus on building a stable balance of power to best curb the spread of nuclear weapons.

  • Commentary

    Abe the Bold

    Manmohan Singh could stand to learn from Shinzo Abe's energetic outreach to foreign governments.

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