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  • An Afghan Trifecta

    If the United States effectively uses its considerable residual leverage in Afghanistan, Pakistan does not try and turn Afghanistan into a weak protectorate, and the Taliban does not overreach inside Afghanistan, there is reason for optimism.

  • Raja Mandala: Capital and Digitalpolitik

    As New Delhi copes with the new imperatives of governing in the digital age, any sensible policy will have to navigate the tensions between state and the citizen, capital and the consumer, public good and private gain, and between competing interests within the capital—both domestic and foreign.

  • Land Reform a Game-Changer that Narendra Modi Government has Overlooked

    While the Center, the opposition, and the state governments jostle to provide fiscal support and farm loan waivers, fundamental reform for land use is being overlooked.

  • Raja Mandala: Alliances and Strategic Autonomy

    New Delhi’s traditional fear of alliances is based on a profound misreading of what they might mean. Alliances are not a “permanent wedlock” or some kind of a “bondage.” They are a political or military arrangement to cope with a common threat.

  • The Trump Retrenchment: Invitation for India to Adopt a Vigorous Strategy in Afghanistan

    Unlike his predecessors, who asked India to downsize its presence in Afghanistan in order to placate Pakistan, U.S. President Trump is asking India to do more.

  • Modi Government Needs to Understand U.S. Won’t Uphold its Interests in Afghanistan

    Instead of reacting with injured innocence, New Delhi should undertake a clear-eyed appraisal of the situation in Afghanistan as well as its own approach.

  • Raja Mandala: The Centre Moves East

    The economic advancement of Bangladesh helps lift up the whole of the eastern Subcontinent, including India’s Northeast as well as Bhutan and Nepal.

  • Raja Mandala: Integrating the Island

    Today as a rising China projects its economic and military power into the Indian Ocean, any strategy for regional balance would necessarily involve the economic and military development of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • Engaging Trump’s America

    Even if the Trump administration cuts some slack to India, the larger problems posed by his approach to global politics will inevitably impinge on ties with India.

  • Returning to the Andaman Sea

    The once tranquil Andaman Sea has begun to acquire a new strategic vitality. After prolonged neglect, India is taking steps to protect its natural primacy in the Andaman Sea on the economic and security fronts.

  • Raja Mandala: Time for Techplomacy

    As a far more sweeping technological revolution envelops the world today, governments are finding new ways to adapt.

  • The Safety and Ethics of Gene Editing

    Crucial questions need to be asked with regards to fragmented legal frameworks, unclear regulatory practices ambiguous policy advances and voluntary measures governing gene-editing technologies at national and international levels.

  • Raja Mandala: The Tech Wars Are Here Meng Wanzhou Arrest

    Amidst the new global pushback against Huawei and India’s own plans to introduce 5G mobile technology, New Delhi might have to revisit the old arguments and take a fresh look at its relationship with the Chinese tech giant.

  • Raja Mandala: Rethinking the Gulf

    New Delhi is paying too little attention to the growing weight of the Gulf in regional affairs and the strategic possibilities that it opens up for India.

  • Diplomacy and Faith

    This volatile history of India-Pakistan engagement over the last decade makes the agreement on opening the Kartarpur corridor quite significant.

  • Global Britain and India

    • Rudra Chaudhuri
    • November 27, 2018
    • UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

    As the United Kingdom seeks to bolster its trade with Australia, China, Japan, and India, the importance of sea lines of communications across the Indian ocean will grow and this will increase the strategic logic for the U.K. to have a naval presence in the region.

  • Raja Mandala: Battle for Islands

    Unlike the European colonial powers, which could easily prevail over natives of the strategic island territories, today’s major powers have to deal with the more complex domestic politics of the island nations.

  • Coming Full Circle

    Ending India’s amnesia about the two World Wars must now be followed by a more purposeful engagement with Europe in reordering the security architecture of Eurasia and the Indo-Pacific.

  • New Ripples in Andaman Sea

    China’s rising profile in the Andaman Sea is not limited to building strategic infrastructure like the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor and the Kra Canal that allow Beijing reduce its current dependence on the Malacca Straits and access the Indian Ocean directly. Its military profile too is rising.

  • Raja Mandala: Shifting Sands in West Asia

    America’s renewed sanctions on Iran, which kicked in Monday this week, mark the beginning of a new crisis in the Middle East.

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