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  • Modi in Myanmar: Rebuilding the Historic Connections

    Modi has his work cut out for him in bridging the growing gap between the potential and reality of India’s partnership with Myanmar.

  • Summitry and Substance

    Modi should trust his own instincts rather than conform to the prevailing canon in the political class and the bureaucratic establishment on the issues to be discussed at the East Asian Summit and the G-20 meeting.

  • India and the Middle East: Finding a New Balance

    While some might find India’s new approach to the Middle East somewhat disconcerting, the government of Narendra Modi is bringing pragmatism and transparency to India’s Middle East policy.

  • Imagining Greater India

    Modi has a rare opportunity to tap into positive trends within the South Asian diaspora. An intensive engagement with the South Asian diaspora would be a valuable complement to Modi’s declared strategy of befriending neighbors.

  • Chinese Takeaway: Lanka Pit-Stop

    Statements from Colombo and Beijing on the frequent appearance of Chinese submarines and ships at Sri Lankan ports are likely to worsen New Delhi’s concerns rather than blunt them.

  • India’s Ocean Act: Sushma Swaraj Travels to Mauritius and Maldives

    Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s recent visits to Mauritius and Maldives should help Delhi recognize the urgency of getting its act together in the maritime neighborhood.

  • The Great Game Folio

    With Xi’s determination to expand China’s defense cooperation with Sri Lanka and Colombo backing his Maritime Silk Road initiative, Modi can no longer ignore concerns about Beijing’s role there.

  • Chinese Takeaway: Modi and Jokowi

    There are good reasons why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should start paying serious attention to the new Indonesian president, Joko Widodo.

  • Iran and India’s Road to Afghanistan

    Delhi and Tehran see the Chabahar port as a means to improve their geopolitical leverage with Pakistan and pursue their common interest in providing Central Asia alternative routes to the Indian Ocean.

  • The Great Game Folio: Russia Hugs China

    As Russia embraces China to relieve the pressures from the West, India’s room for geopolitical maneuver in Asia and beyond is bound to shrink.

  • A New Panchsheel

    It is one thing for Modi to say India needs to be more practical in dealing with the outside world. It is entirely another to get his ministerial colleagues and the bureaucracy to act on that basis in a sustained manner.

  • Chinese Takeaway: Not So Coy

    Modi's reference to the South China Sea says more about India’s changing political attitude than its policy towards the maritime territorial disputes between Beijing and its Asian neighbours.

  • The Second Chance

    If the expansive agenda unveiled by Modi and Obama is matched by bureaucratic purposefulness in Delhi and Washington, India and America have a second chance at building a strategic partnership of considerable consequence.

  • Modi and the Middle East: Towards a Link West Policy

    While continuing to engage with East and South East Asia, Indian Prime Minister Modi is ‘Linking West’ to increase India’s ties to the Middle East.

  • The Second Chance

    What stands out at the end of Narendra Modi’s visit is his demonstration of political will and diplomatic ingenuity to rekindle the romance with America that had gone cold in recent years.

  • Modi and Obama’s War

    Although both the United States and India see terrorism as a great threat to their societies, they have different priorities in the war against it.

  • Modi’s American Business

    What Prime Minister Narendra Modi does with the American business community during his visit to the United States may be more consequential over the longer term than his engagement with the political leadership in Washington.

  • Chinese Takeaway

    India must improve relations with both Washington and Beijing and not limit ties with one because of the other.

  • Xi Jinping Arrives Tomorrow, Wants PM Narendra Modi on Board for Southern Silk Road

    Chinese President Xi is trying to persuade Indian Prime Minister Modi to support China’s Southern Silk Road initiative.

  • Silk Route to Beijing

    Putting in place a strategy to modernize India’s internal connectivity and strengthen its maritime infrastructure is critical for any effective Indian response to China’s silk road initiative.

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