The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has far reaching consequences for Afghanistan’s future and the broader geopolitics of the region. China, with its growing clout in Afghanistan, could play a dominant role in its future. However, questions over Beijing’s regional ambitions and its appetite to fill the void left by the United States remain.
In their new book, 'The Comrades and the Mullahs: China, Afghanistan and the New Asian Geopolitics', Ananth Krishnan and Stanly Johny trace China’s emergence as a key player in Afghanistan. Drawing on their travels to China’s western frontiers as well as the internal dynamics pushing Beijing’s westward march, they examine China’s interests in Afghanistan and the drivers of its foreign policy towards the country.
On April 12 we hosted Ananth Krishnan, Stanly Johny, Aziz Amin, and Jennifer B. Murtazashvili for a conversation on China’s role in Afghanistan and its impact on Asian geopolitics in an India and the World webinar. The discussion was moderated by Deep Pal.