At the 13th BRICS Summit hosted by India in September 2021, the five BRICS members—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—reiterated their commitment to prioritize the effective and efficient use of technology and data for development. They agreed to encourage further cooperation on these fronts, including by “respecting the right to privacy of individuals”.

Exchange of knowledge and good practices about the development of data architectures in the BRICS countries is essential to furthering this cooperation. This event aimed at furthering a better understanding of the existing good practices in order to promote intra-BRICS cooperation on data-related policies and technology development.

On November 5, we hosted the event 'Data Architectures in the BRICS Countries', with the CyberBRICS Project at FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro, which created a space for the exchange of information about the evolving data architectures in the BRICS countries. One expert from each of the BRICS nations shared the domestic legal developments on data governance and any technical or process innovations involving the use of data.