New Delhi’s close relationship with Nepal, bound in history and culture, and a misperception about China’s relations with Nepal before 1950 have contributed to a skewed understanding of Sino-Nepali relations.

In his new paper 'India’s Fog of Misunderstanding Surrounding Nepal–China Relations,' Vijay Gokhale looks at the impact that New Delhi’s misperceptions of Sino-Nepali relations, which he terms the “fog of misunderstanding”, has had in the context of the triangular relations between these three countries.

The paper begins with the historical context of Sino-Nepalese relations, British India’s policy towards Nepal, and finally, India’s post-independence relationship with Nepal from 1955 to 2008. The final section of the paper considers China’s evolving role during Nepal’s democratization phase post-2008 and examines India’s options in the face of Beijing’s changing objectives in Nepal.

On October 26, we hosted for an India and the World webinar with Vijay Gokhale, Apekshya Shah, and Constantino Xavier for a talk on the complex relationship between India-Nepal-China. The discussion was be moderated by Deep Pal.