The Future of Technology Education suggests a re-imagining of the relationship between technological innovation and human societies. While technology has existed since the dawn of human evolution, its meanings and uses have changed in shifting historical, social, philosophical, and scientific contexts.

On October 26, we hosted a 'Tech for Thought: A KnowledgeTransfer series' workshop, titled Future of Technology Education, with Uday Desai and Aditya Malik. Conducted in partnership with Plaksha University (based in Mohali), the event explored questions such as what directions should the redefinition of the relationship between technology and human societies take? What urgent questions need to be asked? How is the vast complexity of global environmental, economic, and political challenges to feature in re-thinking technology education and explore the historical perspectives of engineering education, required developments in today's time, and how opportunities for education, policy, and impact can be created in the future?