Would a Biden presidency lead to a significant shift in the United States' approach to India? What will a potential second term for President Trump mean for India? How will the outcome of the election influence the future of India-U.S. relations? What is the future of multilateralism likely to be in the event of a Biden or a second Trump administration? These are only some of the questions we seek to unpack in this very special edition of the India and the World webinar series.

Join us on October 28, as we host Ashley J. Tellis and Suhasini Haidar to answer these crucial questions and a lot more! The discussion will be moderated by Rudra Chaudhuri.

To submit a question for the event, please email carnegieindia@ceip.org. Participants may also submit their questions through the Q&A box in the Zoom webinar or the comments section on our YouTube livestream.