India and the European Union (EU) share a strong relationship based on common economic and security interests. However, the coronavirus pandemic coupled with a fragmented multipolar world has led to widespread disruptions in global trade and investment. This halt threatens to exacerbate some of the pre-existing fragilities in the current global framework. The questions arising for the India and EU are: can they leverage their partnership to deal with the evolving geo-political consequences of the pandemic? Will this alter not only the India-EU relationship, but also their relationship with other countries like China? Additionally, in an increasingly digital future, what role will tech partnerships, issues surrounding data privacy, and opportunities for capital investment, play in strengthening India-EU ties?

We hosted a virtual discussion with François Godement, Rakesh Sood, Garima Mohan, William Echikson, and Erkki Maillard, in collaboration with the Institut Montaigne, on the future of India-EU relations. The discussion was moderated by Rudra Chaudhuri.


François Godement

François Godement is the senior advisor for Asia, Institut Montaigne, Paris.

Rakesh Sood

Rakesh Sood is a distinguished fellow at Observer Research Foundation.

Garima Mohan

Garima Mohan is a fellow in the Asia Program, German Marshall Fund of the United States.

William Echikson

William Echikson is an associate senior research fellow and head of Digital Forum, Centre for European Policy Studies

Erkki Maillard

Erkki Maillard is senior vice president, European and international affairs, EDF.


Rudra Chaudhuri

Rudra Chaudhuri is the director of Carnegie India. His primary research interests include the diplomatic history of South Asia and contemporary security issues.