The Anahita Speaker Series, an initiative by Carnegie India and the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, is a monthly women's speaker series that aims to highlight the experiences and achievements of women professionals who are giants in their fields.

Diplomatic missions play a critical role in advancing a nation’s interests and developing inter-state relations. The construction and maintenance of a nation’s diplomatic relations is both, an invaluable and difficult undertaking. Diplomats face the formidable task of being their nation’s representatives in tackling a variety of security, economic, and cultural issues.

Elizabeth Dibble, chief operating officer of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, inaugurated the Anahita Speaker Series with a discussion on the intricate landscape of diplomacy, drawing from her thirty-six-year career as one of America’s foremost diplomats. The discussion was moderated by Rhea Menon, a research assistant at Carnegie India.