This book, edited by C. Raja Mohan and Anit Mukherjee, examines India’s naval strategy within the context of Asian regional security.

Amidst the intensifying geopolitical contestation in the waters of Asia, this book investigates the growing strategic salience of the Indian Navy. Delhi’s expanding economic and military strength has generated a widespread debate on India’s prospects for shaping the balance of power in Asia. This volume provides much needed texture to the abstract debate on India’s rise by focusing on the changing nature of India’s maritime orientation, the recent evolution of its naval strategy, and its emerging defence diplomacy.

In tracing the drift of the Navy from the margins of Delhi’s national security consciousness to a central position, analysing the tension between its maritime possibilities and the continentalist mind set, and in examining the gap between the growing external demands for its security contributions and internal ambivalence, this volume offers rare insights into India’s strategic direction at a critical moment in the nation’s evolution. By examining the internal and external dimensions of the Indian naval future, both of which are in dynamic flux, the essays here help a deeper understanding of India’s changing international possibilities and its impact on Asian and global security.

Table of Contents

Anit Mukherjee and C. Raja Mohan

Part I: The Making of India’s Naval Strategy

India’s Maritime Strategy
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Tomorrow or Yesterday’s Fleet? The Indian Navy’s Operational Challenges
Iskander Luke Rehman

In the Far Seas: Projecting India’s Naval Power
Abhijit Singh

The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: The Andaman and Nicobar Command
Anit Mukherjee

India’s Naval Diplomacy: the Unfinished Transitions
C. Raja Mohan

Part II: The External Dimensions of India’s Naval Strategy

India in the US Naval Strategy
Timothy D. Hoyt

“New Normal” in the Indo-Pacific: Sino-Indian Maritime Security Dilemma
Koh Swee Lean Collin

Looming Over the Horizon: Japan’s Naval Engagement with India
Tomoko Kiyota

A Sea of Opportunity: Southeast Asia’s Growing Naval Cooperation with India
Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto

India and Regional Maritime Security
Sam Bateman

India’s Naval Moment
Anit Mukherjee and C. Raja Mohan