• Event

    Launch of Carnegie India

    • April 06, 2016
    • New Delhi

    The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is pleased to launch Carnegie India, its sixth international center.

    • Event

    New Technologies, Warfare, and International Humanitarian Law

    While innovation in weapon technology is as old as warfare itself, the rise of new weapon technologies like cyberwarfare and autonomous weapons has raised fundamental questions about the impact of International Humanitarian Law on future battlefields.

    • Event

    On Regulating the Use of Civilian Drones in India

    • March 09, 2016
    • New Delhi

    Clear regulations on civilian drone use, keeping in mind their true potential and the concerns of all stakeholders, would greatly benefit India.

    • Op-Ed

    Raja-Mandala: Copying the Chinese Code

    If China, whose cyber philosophy is fundamentally different from that of the United States, can cut deals with American businesses, why has India been so reluctant to seize the opportunities for a deeper digital partnership?

    • Op-Ed

    The Great Game Folio: Manohar Parrikar and Ashton B. Carter

    Manohar Parrikar and Ashton B. Carter are under pressure to cope with the challenges of the current fluid power dynamic in Asia.

    • Op-Ed

    Snowden Effect

    The NSA’s newly-revealed espionage programs should prompt India to think about its own approach to cybersecurity.

    • Op-Ed

    The New Cyber Axis

    A new dialogue on cybersecurity can help the United States and China set global standards for conduct online.

Carnegie Experts on

  • expert thumbnail - Misra
    R.K. Misra
    Nonresident Scholar
    Carnegie India
    R.K. Misra is a nonresident scholar at Carnegie India. Based in Bangalore, he will drive Carnegie India’s Technology Forum Initiative and engage with technology innovators and policymakers.
  • expert thumbnail - Padmanabhan
    Ananth Padmanabhan
    Carnegie India
    Ananth Padmanabhan is a fellow at Carnegie India, based in New Delhi. His primary research focus is technology, regulation, and public policy, and the intersection of these three fields within the Indian context.
  • expert thumbnail - Reddy
    R. Shashank Reddy
    Research Analyst
    R. Shashank Reddy is a research analyst at Carnegie India. His research focuses on the implications of emerging technologies and their governance for international and Indian security.

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