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    • Modi’s Crackdown on Black Money Is Bad News for Political Parties, Including the BJP

      Some 75 percent of the money going to political parties is from undocumented sources. Modi’s crackdown on black money will therefore be hugely disruptive for the upcoming elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

      • Event

      Small and Medium Enterprises in India

      • Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Bibek Debroy, Shivnath Thukral
      • November 08, 2016
      • New Delhi

      Despite recent steps taken by the government, the Small and Medium Enterprise sector in India is largely informal and continues to face significant problems.

      • Op-Ed

      BJP’s ‘Five-Layer Cake’ Strategy in Uttar Pradesh

      For the election in Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party is relying on nationalism, Hindu majoritarianism, Modi’s popularity, failures within other parties, and strong headline economic numbers.

      • Op-Ed

      Civilian Drones in India

      If India is serious about becoming an economic power, it is imperative that it encourages the adoption of new technologies and creates an enabling environment for their development in the country.

      • Op-Ed

      Digital Dividend: Framing the Problem

      Technology is evolving at a fast pace today and its promises and concerns keep shifting. There is a need to outline a path to think through technological change and to shed light on the values that technology regulation ought to promote in order to encourage innovation.

      • Op-Ed

      Reading It Wrong

      The recent verdict of the Delhi High Court in Chancellor, University of Oxford v. Rameshwari Photocopy Services has spurred extreme conclusions.

      • Op-Ed

      The Risk-Taker

      Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seeks to break out of the many presumed constraints on India’s Pakistan policy by taking more risks than his predecessors.

      • Op-Ed

      Politician-Bureaucrat Ties Far More Complicated Than Perceived

      A new body of work shows the relationship between bureaucrats and politicians in India is riddled with perverse incentives and unintended consequences. But, it also points to possible actions for reform.

      • Paper

      The Indian Administrative Service Meets Big Data

      The Indian government should reshape recruitment and promotion processes for the Indian Administrative Service, improve performance-based assessment of individual officers, and adopt safeguards that promote accountability while protecting bureaucrats from political meddling.

      • Op-Ed

      Data Route to Transparency

      India has an opportunity to take the initiative not only in early adoption of blockchain technology but also toward shaping the regulatory framework guiding its application.

    Carnegie Experts on
    Domestic Politics

    • expert thumbnail - Baloch
      Bilal Baloch
      Visiting Fellow
      Bilal Baloch is a visiting fellow at Carnegie India where his research focuses on the political economy of government behavior in India and other developing democracies.
    • expert thumbnail - Khosla
      Saksham Khosla
      Research Analyst
      Carnegie India
      Saksham Khosla is a research analyst at Carnegie India. His research focuses on the political economy of administrative, economic, and welfare reforms in India.
    • expert thumbnail - Mohan
      C. Raja Mohan
      Carnegie India
      A leading analyst of India’s foreign policy, Mohan is also an expert on South Asian security, great-power relations in Asia, and arms control.
    • expert thumbnail - Xavier
      Constantino Xavier
      Carnegie India
      Constantino Xavier is a fellow at Carnegie India, based in New Delhi. His research focus is on India’s foreign policy, with emphasis on relations with its neighboring countries and South Asian regional security.

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