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    Raja Mandala: Breaking the Panipat Syndrome

    With India’s relations with Pakistan entering a period of turbulence, Afghanistan could acquire an unusual prominence in India’s regional strategy.

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    Breaking Out of the Box

    A more complex phase in the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan has begun. Modi must retain strong control over the inevitable escalation that will unfold and sustain relentless pressure on Rawalpindi’s political vulnerabilities.

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    New Dynamic in the North West

    Afghanistan’s geopolitical situation means it must either normalize relations Pakistan or partner with India to balance it. After having attempted the former, Afghanistan is pursuing the latter.

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    India’s Chabahar Test

    The fact that it has taken more than a decade for India to begin work on the Chabahar port project reveals the deep-rooted internal constraints on India’s regional economic strategy.

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    Raja-Mandala: A Short History of F-16s

    Delhi finds Washington’s argument that the F-16s will help Pakistan counter terrorism in the region somewhat incredulous.

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    Raja-Mandala: After Mullah Omar

    Even if Pakistan succeeds in getting the new Taliban leadership to the table, there will be enough Afghan elements to challenge the terms.

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    The Great Game Folio: China’s Taliban

    Beijing has begun to see that political stability and moderation in Afghanistan are vital to counter the rise of Islamist extremism and ethnic separatism in its restive far western province, Xinjiang.

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    The Great Game Folio: Modi’s Pak Pivot

    To be an effective player in Central Asia, India must find a way either through Pakistan, or around it.

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    More Modestly, With Kabul

    Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to New Delhi offers an opportunity for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to recalibrate India’s Afghan policy toward greater realism and more modest goals.

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    Look Again at the Middle East

    As the United States ends its combat role in Afghanistan, strategic cooperation with Iran has become absolutely critical for securing India’s interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

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    Bilal Baloch
    Visiting Fellow
    Bilal Baloch is a visiting fellow at Carnegie India where his research focuses on the political economy of government behavior in India and other developing democracies.
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    Constantino Xavier
    Carnegie India
    Constantino Xavier is a fellow at Carnegie India, based in New Delhi. His research focus is on India’s foreign policy, with emphasis on relations with its neighboring countries and South Asian regional security.

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