• Op-Ed

    India and the Arabian Spectacle: Donald Trump and the Sunni Summit

    As Trump generates a new round political turbulence in India’s western neighborhood, India must embark on a more activist policy in the Middle East that goes beyond its hollow rhetoric.

    • Op-Ed

    Why China’s One Belt, One Road Matters for Afghanistan

    • Arushi Kumar
    • May 12, 2017
    • South Asian Voices

    By deepening its political, economic and military engagement in Afghanistan, and by formally signing a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, China seems to be emerging as a long-term player in the region’s new Great Game.

    • Op-Ed

    The Kabul Convergence

    Although the United States and India have had shared interests in Afghanistan since the ouster of the Taliban at the end of 2001, Washington, in deference to Pakistan, has generally discouraged New Delhi from an activist role there.

    • Op-Ed

    EU and India Must Converge in Kabul

    Despite common interests, shared objectives and similar initiatives, biased perceptions have persistently hindered dialogue and cooperation between India and the European Union in Afghanistan.

    • Op-Ed

    What Does India Think of Trump’s Afghanistan Policy?

    • Arushi Kumar
    • February 14, 2017
    • Diplomat

    Donald Trump’s presidency presents an unexpected opportunity for India in its continued efforts to stabilize Afghanistan.

    • Securing Afghanistan: Prospects for India-EU Cooperation

      After 15 years of limited cooperation, India and the EU have the opportunity to join forces on promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: Breaking the Panipat Syndrome

      With India’s relations with Pakistan entering a period of turbulence, Afghanistan could acquire an unusual prominence in India’s regional strategy.

      • Op-Ed

      Breaking Out of the Box

      A more complex phase in the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan has begun. Modi must retain strong control over the inevitable escalation that will unfold and sustain relentless pressure on Rawalpindi’s political vulnerabilities.

      • Op-Ed

      New Dynamic in the North West

      Afghanistan’s geopolitical situation means it must either normalize relations Pakistan or partner with India to balance it. After having attempted the former, Afghanistan is pursuing the latter.

      • Op-Ed

      India’s Chabahar Test

      The fact that it has taken more than a decade for India to begin work on the Chabahar port project reveals the deep-rooted internal constraints on India’s regional economic strategy.

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      Bilal Baloch
      Visiting Fellow
      Bilal Baloch is a visiting fellow at Carnegie India where his research focuses on the political economy of government behavior in India and other developing democracies.
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      Constantino Xavier
      Carnegie India
      Constantino Xavier is a fellow at Carnegie India, based in New Delhi. His research focus is on India’s foreign policy, with emphasis on relations with its neighboring countries and South Asian regional security.

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