• Op-Ed

    India, Iran, and a Divided Middle East

    India must recognize the reality of regional conflicts in the Middle East and limit their impact on India’s ability to secure its goals in the region.

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    As India Looks West

    India may not need a formal “Look West policy” to realize the new opportunities in the region if New Delhi views the Middle East on its own merits, pays sustained political attention, and delivers on the Indian economic and security commitments made at the highest levels.

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    India Must Play Hardball If It Wants to Be Part of the Maldives’ Return to Stability

    Beyond just military power and humanitarian relief, India’s capacity to serve as a first responder to crises in the region also requires the strategic will and skill to help solve neighboring countries’ political conflicts.

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    Turmoil In Maldives: What India Must Do

    The unfolding crisis in Maldives draws attention to the perennial question about whether and when India should intervene in the internal politics of its neighboring countries.

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    Raja Mandala: Reviving an Old Friendship

    As India reaffirms the centrality of ASEAN for Asia’s peaceful future this week, New Delhi must back its words with concrete proposals for stronger defense and security cooperation with the region.

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    Raja Mandala: The Art of Balance

    The challenge for India lies in finding the right balance between competing imperatives in the volatile Middle East amidst the pursuit of enlightened self-interest.

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    Raja Mandala: Where Geography Is Destiny

    India’s problem is not about competing with China in South Asia, but managing its messy interdependence with the neighbours with some strategic vision and a lot of tactical finesse.

    • Remapping India's Geopolitics

      Two new ideas about the physical space around us – the Indo-Pacific and Eurasia – are beginning to compel India to replace the old signposts in India’s strategic cartography

      • Op-Ed

      Iran Protests: It’s 1979 All Over Again

      If past protests called for a reformation of the Islamic Republic established in 1979, some of the current slogans are calling for its overthrow. While few expect the protests to succeed, the legitimacy of the Islamic revolution is being challenged for the first time.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: Catching up on Information Statecraft

      New Delhi needs to turn its attention in 2018 to creating significant domestic capabilities for information operations against threats at home and abroad.

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      R.K. Misra
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      Carnegie India
      R.K. Misra is a nonresident scholar at Carnegie India. Based in Bangalore, he will drive Carnegie India’s Technology Forum Initiative and engage with technology innovators and policymakers.
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      Garima Mohan
      Nonresident Fellow
      Carnegie India
      Garima Mohan is a nonresident fellow at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on the foreign and security policies of rising powers, particularly that of India, and on Europe-India relations.

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