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    India and China: Over to the Leaders

    In agreeing to an “informal summit” in the city of Wuhan on the banks of the Yangtze, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have chosen to take charge of the Sino-Indian relationship.

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    Islands as Game Changers in the Indian Ocean

    While partnerships between big and middle powers will determine the balance of power in the region, islands will shape the new framework for a security architecture.

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    Raja Mandala: India’s China Reset and BRI

    India might be quite open to a substantive dialogue with China on the Belt and Road Initiative if Xi is prepared to address New Delhi’s concerns on sovereignty and sustainability.

    • Op-Ed

    Thailand’s Kra Canal: China’s Way Around the Malacca Strait

    • Rhea Menon
    • April 06, 2018
    • Diplomat

    As China continues to expand its presence across the maritime domain, the establishment of infrastructure projects, like the Kra Canal, is likely to influence the new emerging security architecture in the Indo-Pacific.

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    Raja Mandala: Kim Goes to China

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un went to Beijing after demonstrating that he is capable of standing up to the world, has complete control over his system, and can deal with the United States on his own.

    • Op-Ed

    Raja Mandala: The China Reset

    Any reset of the China-India relationship would necessarily include an effort to widen the areas of cooperation that will provide some balance against the many negative factors that are unsettling bilateral relations.

    • Op-Ed

    Raja Mandala: A Korean Miracle?

    With his relentless focus on “burden-sharing” and “America First”, U.S. President Trump could end up rearranging the political and security order in East Asia.

    • Maritime Security in the Bay of Bengal

      There appears to be a need for greater cooperation in the maritime domain in the Bay of Bengal, given the increasing rivalries in the region.

      • Reactivating a Legacy of Integration Through BIMSTEC

        While trade liberalization and transportation infrastructure should remain BIMSTEC’s key priorities, the Bay of Bengal will not re-emerge as a regional space unless there are significant investments to foster people to people exchanges.

        • Reimagining the Bay

          The resolution of many outstanding maritime territorial disputes and the tentative steps for political and security cooperation in the region provide the basis for imagining a Bay of Bengal community that will benefit all the peoples of the region.

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          R.K. Misra
          Nonresident Scholar
          Carnegie India
          R.K. Misra is a nonresident scholar at Carnegie India. Based in Bangalore, he will drive Carnegie India’s Technology Forum Initiative and engage with technology innovators and policymakers.
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          Garima Mohan
          Nonresident Fellow
          Carnegie India
          Garima Mohan is a nonresident fellow at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on the foreign and security policies of rising powers, particularly that of India, and on Europe-India relations.

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