South Asia

    • Op-Ed

    Raja Mandala: Two Discourses on Strategic Autonomy

    India and Europe have good reasons to strengthen their security partnership—as a hedge against the rise of new regional hegemons and U.S. retrenchment in Eurasia.

    • Bridging the Gap Between India and the Baltics

      • Sharanya Rajiv
      • September 12, 2018
      • Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

      India and the Baltic states must establish closer dialogue on strategic issues and deepen their relationship across the political, cultural, and economic levels.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: Reconnecting With Europe

      When all is said and done about Indian Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic record, his outreach to Europe is likely to emerge as a major contribution to India’s foreign policy.

      • Op-Ed

      Where Interests Meet

      What creates the room for some bold thinking about the next steps in the bilateral relationship is the fit between U.S. President Trump’s effort to recalibrate America's international relations and India’s ambitions to play a larger global role.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: Imran’s Pompeo Test

      Whatever might be the civilian rhetoric, Pakistan’s army leadership is quite conscious that making the United States an enemy and putting all the eggs in the China basket is not a smart strategy.

      • Event

      India-U.S. Relations: A Conversation With William J. Burns

      India and the United States hosted the inaugural 2+2 dialogue on September 6, 2018, which underlined the deepening bilateral relationship.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: Privatising the Afghan War

      While the outrage against outsourcing the Afghan war is real, the tragic reality is that the growing role of private armies is very much part of the modern hybrid wars.

      • Paper

      India’s Answer to the Belt and Road: A Road Map for South Asia

      India is not opposed to infrastructure development in the region, but it is concerned about the strategic implications of certain Chinese-led initiatives.

      • Op-Ed

      Raja Mandala: The Churn After Ghazni

      It is the nature of the negotiation between the United States and Pakistan—the most important external players in the Afghan conflict—that will determine the outcome.

      • Op-Ed

      Relaxed Realism

      Former Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee’s “relaxed realism” on external issues stands in marked contrast to the liberals on the left and the nationalists on the right, who framed India’s international policies in extreme terms.

    Carnegie Experts on
    South Asia

    • expert thumbnail - Baloch
      Bilal Baloch
      Visiting Fellow
      Bilal Baloch is a visiting fellow at Carnegie India where his research focuses on the political economy of government behavior in India and other developing democracies.
    • expert thumbnail - Mohan
      Garima Mohan
      Nonresident Fellow
      Carnegie India
      Garima Mohan is a nonresident fellow at Carnegie India. Her research focuses on the foreign and security policies of rising powers, particularly that of India, and on Europe-India relations.
    • expert thumbnail - Samarajiva
      Rohan Samarajiva
      Nonresident Fellow
      Carnegie India
      Rohan Samarajiva is a nonresident fellow at Carnegie India.

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