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  • Diplomacy for New India

    Urgent administrative reforms to generate greater efficiency and synergy hold the key to the construction of a New India that can fully tap into the nation’s internal and external potential.

  • A Looming Nuclear Expansion

    As the North Korean atomic crisis gathers momentum, the Trump administration is suggesting that the option of letting the East Asian allies acquire nuclear options is on the table.

  • EU and India Must Converge in Kabul

    Despite common interests, shared objectives and similar initiatives, biased perceptions have persistently hindered dialogue and cooperation between India and the European Union in Afghanistan.

  • Battling Superbugs With Big Data

    • Shruti Sharma
    • March 02, 2017
    • Livemint

    Big Data and analytics promise a significant step towards personalized medicine. India, sitting at the cusp of a digital revolution, is well placed to integrate such solutions with public health management.

  • Raja Mandala: Fruits of Patience

    Delhi’s current realism on China is a welcome departure from the past, when India used hide problems in the grandiose rhetoric on global solidarity. Under the new approach, there is no fudging of differences.

  • Let the Drone Industry Take Off

    Overcoming the present regulatory inertia around drones in India is important both from the perspective of the civilian drone industry—one capable of leading to multiple technological innovations, high-volume manufacture, and beneficial uses—and the overall economy.

  • Bots and Botching Up of Elections

    Political bots are playing a major role in how an average voter consumes news and information.

  • State and Parivar

    The Rashtriya Swayamasevak Sangh, a paramilitary volunteer organization in India, no longer relies solely on grassroots growth. Its groundwork is now supplemented by statism.

  • Raja Mandala: Getting Down to Work with Trump

    India must follow the lead of Russia and China and realistically engage with President Trump.

  • Let Justice Flow

    By investing in innovative “DigiProcedures,” the Indian court system can provide more rapid resolutions to disputes.

  • Criminal Politicians on the World Stage

    While there is still a lot of uncertainty in terms of how the elections in Uttar Pradesh will unfold, it is clear that criminal politicians will remain on the prowl.

  • What Does India Think of Trump’s Afghanistan Policy?

    • Arushi Kumar
    • February 14, 2017
    • Diplomat

    Donald Trump’s presidency presents an unexpected opportunity for India in its continued efforts to stabilize Afghanistan.

  • Raja Mandala: Battling De-Globalization

    Without a deeper and dynamic three-way engagement between politics, business and science, India might find itself losing ground in the new era of de-globalization and technological transformation.

  • A Look at Why ‘Crime Pays’ in Indian Politics

    Where the government cannot carry out its sovereign responsibilities effectively and society is deeply divided along ethnic lines, many voters view strongmen as saviors.

  • Delhi, Tokyo, Canberra

    New coalitions like India, Japan and Australia will still lack sufficient weight to balance China on their own. But in developing an agency of its own and taking a larger share of the burden of Asian security, the India-Japan-Australia coalition will send strong messages to both China and the United States.

  • Getting Back Home, Safely

    India has extensive experience in conducting evacuation operations, but to secure the lives and assets of Indians abroad, the government must avoid an ad hoc approach and seek to institutionalize best practices, bolster diplomatic and military capabilities, and improve coordination.

  • Raja Mandala: It’s Not Just About H-1B

    An India that grows its domestic capabilities will be in a better position to address American concerns about jobs at home and benefit in turn from the current U.S. lead in most advanced technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology.

  • The Swarm of War: Is India Ready?

    There is a new arms race taking shape, centered around three interconnected technologies: autonomous weapons, swarms, and cyberwarfare.

  • AI Rules: From Three to Twenty Three

    Given the pace of progress in AI development, the expanding scope for its application, and the growing intensity of the current research effort suggests that it may not be too soon to revisit and revise the Asimov commands on computing.

  • Arvind Kejriwal’s Rise and Early Missteps in National Politics

    Despite success in getting the issue of corruption on the national agenda in India, Arvind Kejriwal failed to get a bill that could actually enforce anti-corruption measures through government.

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